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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Week 66

Current weight - 228.0 lbs.
This week's gain - 0.8 lbs.
Total loss - 89.6 lbs.

OMG I've been so busy and I've only slept 4 hours per night the past 2 nights. My oldest daughter's class is making time capsules for each of the students to keep and open when they graduate high school (12 years from now) and I've been making some videos and a slide show for it. The due date was today and I just barely finished it this morning!

The bad thing about all of this? I was tired and finally gave in to DH's requests for McDonald's and had a few double cheeseburgers over the past couple of days. This was after seeing Fast Food Nation, too. What was I thinking???

Another 16 days of school, scouts, ballet, and soccer and I can finally be free from all of that stress. After that I'll give myself a couple of days to decompress and then on Wednesday, June 20th I'll get back into full swing. I'm making this promise to both you guys and myself. In my next post I'll share with you why I must refocus for the sake of my kids.


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